Impact vs Effort Canvas

Evaluate ideas and projects based upon the effort required and the potential impact in order to chose the best ones.

Individuals or teams
Same time or separately
Remote or in-person
Impact vs Effort Canvas

What is it?

This tool helps you generate ideas and examine them. During the exercise, possible actions are mapped based on two factors: the effort required to implement and the potential impact.

Some ideas are costly but may have a bigger long-term payoff than short-term actions. Categorising ideas along these lines is a useful technique in decision making, as it obliges contributors to balance and evaluate suggested actions before committing to them. 

The canvas will help those at the outset of a project looking to evaluate ideas to understand the pathway and viability of an idea or ideas. 

Who is it for?

Those at the outset of a project looking to evaluate ideas to understand the pathway and viability of an idea or ideas. 

How does it work?

  1. Open the Miro canvas or in-person PDF version
  2. Frame your goal(s)
  3. Participants generate ideas individually on stickies
  4. Ideas are placed on the matrix and presented back to the group
  5. As the session progresses the positioning of the ideas should be adjusted and grouped accordingly


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A matrix diagram populated with lots of ideas mapped based upon impact and effort.

What is Miro?

It’s an online collaboration tool to allow you to work with others on tasks or projects in the same digital space in your browser.

How do I use it?

You’ll need to sign up for an account at, use the link on this tool page to go to the Miro template and select ‘Use template’ to add it to your account. Then you’ll be able to use it and share it as often as you like.

Once you open up one of our Miro template there are notes to get you started and guide you through the tools.

Need more help?

Miro has a comprehensive guide to the platform and how it all works.