Strategy Blueprint

Devise the best way to overcome challenges and reach your goals. Use this tool to visualise your strategy and the relationships between different elements.

Individuals or teams
Same time or separately
Remote or in-person
Strategy Blueprint

What is it?

Strategy is about creating a plan to solve problems and achieve a goal. It’s not just about planning and thinking, but also being creative. It helps connect our ideas and plans to make sense of what we’re doing.

The Strategy Blueprint is a helpful tool that uses a picture format to show how all the different parts of our plan fit together. At InGAME, we would use this tool to plan what we need to do next in our project.

This tool is for any team looking to create a strategic approach for a project or element within a project. 



Who is it for?

Any team looking to create a strategic approach for a project or element within a project. 

How does it work?

  1. Open the Miro canvas or in-person PDF version
  2. Participants populate all all 6 sections of the workspace
  3. Participants review and iterate on answers
  4. Finalise the strategy


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You will create a strategy outline for the project or problem you are working on. This will cover 6 areas: Challenges, Aspirations, Focus Areas, Principles, Activities and Objectives.

What is Miro?

It’s an online collaboration tool to allow you to work with others on tasks or projects in the same digital space in your browser.

How do I use it?

You’ll need to sign up for an account at, use the link on this tool page to go to the Miro template and select ‘Use template’ to add it to your account. Then you’ll be able to use it and share it as often as you like.

Once you open up one of our Miro template there are notes to get you started and guide you through the tools.

Need more help?

Miro has a comprehensive guide to the platform and how it all works.