Creative Amplification Toolkit

Discover how new technologies can enhance your creative process as an aspiring writer or maker.

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Creative Amplification Toolkit

What is it?

Creativity Amplification is using technology to extend writers’ capabilities. It makes use of emerging technologies, permits new forms of creative expression, allows existing forms of creative expression to develop more easily/faster/with greater complexity and does not require extensive coding skills or specialist hardware.

The toolkit includes case studies, example projects and 4 individual tools:

  1. Writing for AI
  2. Writing with AI
  3. Writing for Interactive Film and TV
  4. Writing with Text Generators

Who is it for?

These toolkits are intended for aspiring writers and makers. They assume some level of technical understanding and a grasp of the fundamentals of writing in general and for interactive formats in particular, but are primarily aimed at writers with limited or no coding knowledge.

The approaches outlined in these guides are by no means exhaustive or prescriptive and are instead intended as a starting point for those wanting to embark on an exploration of writing tools and technologies.

What is Miro?

It’s an online collaboration tool to allow you to work with others on tasks or projects in the same digital space in your browser.

How do I use it?

You’ll need to sign up for an account at, use the link on this tool page to go to the Miro template and select ‘Use template’ to add it to your account. Then you’ll be able to use it and share it as often as you like.

Once you open up one of our Miro template there are notes to get you started and guide you through the tools.

Need more help?

Miro has a comprehensive guide to the platform and how it all works.