Scottish Games Network: Mapping an industry and its future

The Scottish Games Network (SGN) shares our mission of making Scotland the best place on earth to make videogames. They recognise Dundee as a hub for a more collaborative, innovative and vibrant sector that maximises the economic, educational, creative and cultural potential of videogames in Scotland.

Brian Baglow founded SGN in 2004 and has helped it grow into the recognised industry body for Scotland’s videogames and interactive industries. Brian is a writer, narrative designer and serial entrepreneur. He has worked with some of the world’s leading games companies as well as founding several new businesses.

Brian Baglow, SGN

InGAME will build on research conducted by our Creative Industries Cluster Programme colleagues Creative Informatics to develop a comprehensive living, open ‘MetaMap’ of the Scottish videogame ecosystem. The map will build upon existing research and input from creators, developers, and industry experts to enable the first comprehensive crowd-sourced database of Scotland’s videogames ecosystem, An example MetaMap is ‘Stay at Home Valley‘, a digital representation of the Bay Area tech ecosystem built during the covid-19 pandemic.

The data collected will allow us to develop a ‘Needs Map’ of sector challenges and aspirations, which will enable the SGN to focus its strategic mission, unlock future funding, investment and partnerships and underpin the creation of an ecosystem-wide cluster, focused on helping Scotland’s games sector maximise its potential.

Project Team

Collaborative R&D Voucher Scheme

The Collaborative R&D (CR&D) Voucher Scheme responds to the needs of the Dundee videogames cluster by unlocking access to research and development expertise, state-of-the-art R&D resources and diverse talent to collaborate on small scope, high impact R&D experiments that help validate new ideas and de-risk innovation opportunities. The Scheme issues vouchers unlocking up to £50,000 of R&D support (non-monetary award).  Click here for more information on how to apply.