A groundbreaking model for collaborative research, development and innovation in the videogames industry.

From 2018-2024, InGAME pioneered Collaborative R&D in the videogame industry. Our purpose was to drive growth and innovation in the Dundee videogames cluster by:

developing a responsive model of collaborative R&D between academia and industry.
deploying research and innovation infrastructure at the heart of industry.
de-risking creative experimentation.
developing scale-up capacities.
diversifying growth and innovation opportunities.

InGAME delivered 177 industry collaborations, upskilled 2,283 professionals and stimulated £11.5 million in industry co-investment in just 5 years of operation.

Over the next ten years, the impact of InGAME will generate £84.7 million in gross value added (GVA) for the Scottish economy. This represents an incredible 16x return on original public investment.