Cluster Programme report

The University of St Andrews Institute for Capitalising on Creativity (ICC) has published an evaluative report detailing how the InGAME project grew scale and value for the Dundee videogames cluster. Written by ICC staff researcher Melinda Grewar and Professor Shiona Chillas, the report also provides case studies and an evaluation of the intermediary role played by InGAME’s research & development team, as it helped local companies adapt to opportunities and challenges facing the industry.

Download the ICC-InGAME Cluster Programme Report 2023

InGAME R&D – Behind the Scenes

Sound of Light

Sound of Light is a multiplayer VR sound performance project. It uses the Oculus Quest’s hand tracking feature to trigger sound with various hand gestures. The idea behind this project is to create an anonymous and non-verbal play to explore how people can engage through those alternative methods of communication and see what we can feel.


Tip explores how game technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality might be used to reconnect people with their history unite people in shared appreciation of their culture and heritage.


MAINBEAM explores the potential of game design tools, techniques and technologies to recreate and reimagine performance art.

TAY 5G Virtual Production

InGAME facilitated a pioneering Tay5G use case trial, marking the UK’s first instance of employing Virtual Production film techniques via a 5G network across two distinct locations. This trial, AI Armageddon, leveraged the high-speed capabilities of 5G to synchronise industry-standard digital backdrop screens situated in studios located in Dundee and Manchester.

Net Zero Catalyzer Lab

The Applied Games Lab: Net Zero Catalyser explores how game design tools, techniques and technologies could accelerate the green transition in the UK’s GLAM sector (Galleries, Libraries and Museums).

InGAME Applied Games Lab

The Applied Games Lab utilises game design thinking and game technologies outside games. The Lab harnesses the awesome innovation potential of videogames to provoke breakthrough solutions to known but difficult real-world challenges, solving wicked problems and inventing radical new futures.