InGAME International – Steam China for UK Developers

About Steam China

Steam China was announced in 2018 as a collaboration between Valve and Perfect World and was launched in 2021. 

Similar in appearance and structure to Steam Global, Steam China provides game studios with a commercial platform to place their games into the growing Chinese games marketplace.

InGAME International is providing support to UK developers to connect with Steam China and explore the potential to launch their games into the Chinese market.


Game licenses in China

As you may be aware it is currently a very challenging time to consider bringing games to the China market. No new licenses for games are being issued at present, which means it is not possible for any studio to release a new game in China, including studios based in China.

For studios outside China this can be particularly challenging and the rules, processes and requirements can be difficult to access or interpret.



Opportunity for UK game studios

With the above in mind, it is anticipated that China will recommence issuing licenses for new games, at which point the opportunities to bring games to the China market will reopen.

Do you have a game published or in development for Steam? Have you considered whether your game could also be released on Steam China, but are unsure what is involved in taking this forward?

Bringing a game to market in China can be challenging for a UK studio, particularly where navigation of publishing, licenses, and differences in regulation are concerned. However, InGAME International can provide support and make connections to Steam China to explore whether your game has potential in this market.

The following video provides additional information about the current opportunity.


Enquire about publishing on Steam China

If you would like to have one or more of your existing or forthcoming games evaluated by Steam China, please click the button to the right to submit your information.