InGAME International – Industry Support

We can provide support to games and games-related companies that want to develop their business knowledge of the the Chinese games sector/market or UK-China co-operation. 

The following types of industry support are provided:

       1.  Prototyping and de-risking

Open to companies with UK offices only, these are short projects (approximately 4-weeks to 16-weeks) that involve the generation of new materials for use by your business. Projects can lead to: the development of a vertical slice game prototype; creation of multiple game concepts; testing of game technologies; or the production of short reports or other documentation in support of your business interests in UK/China. With all prototyping and de-risking projects, you should have a clear understanding of how the project will improve your engagement with China markets, clients, or collaborators.

      2.  UK-China targeted support
Open to UK and China based companies, our UK-China targeted support can provide you with assistance in navigating the complexities of UK-China collaboration, markets, publishing, and regulations. This support will typically be provided in the form of scheduled meetings to discuss your interests, sharing of knowledge and insights, and/or connecting you with relevant contacts in the UK/China.

The InGAME International support scheme is open to individual games professionals and companies, media companies, game technology and middleware companies, and other organisations with interests in games.

What option is right for you?

Prototyping and de-risking

We will support  prototyping or de-risking projects for UK games or games-related companies that seek to develop existing IP or generate new IP with the Chinese market in mind.

Through our central resource of creative practitioners (including industry, academics, and students) and design methods (including game prototyping and game jams) we can help mitigate the risk of ideation and concept development for new platforms, genres, audiences, and business models.

The types of support on offer include:

  1. Game prototyping: Working with a student team over 4 months to develop a playable vertical slice of a game concept
  2. Technology prototyping: Working with an academic to develop a technology test or proof of concept
  3. Concepting: Provision of a game jam or co-design workshop to develop proof of concepts
  4. Report: Working with our team to create a short report or other materials that will support you towards further development and investment

If you are interested in working with our student teams to develop a prototype or to host a game jam with our students, we encourage companies to apply no later than August 1st 2022 so that activities can be scheduled for delivery.

UK-China targeted support

We can provide direct support to any UK or China based company that is seeking insight or guidance on UK-China collaboration, markets, publishing, or regulation. This support can take the form of:

  • Helping you to develop business relationships or connections in the UK or China as appropriate
  • Discussing your existing or new IP with respect to the UK/Chinese market, publishing processes, and regulations
  • Developing insights for localisation and cultural adaptation for the UK/Chinese market
  • Reviewing and developing pitch materials for presentation to publishers or other stakeholders
  • Understanding audiences

On receipt of your application, the Project Co-ordinator will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your request for support. During this meeting the Project Co-ordinator will help to develop an outline of your needs.

Following this meeting, a tailored online or in-person consultancy session will be scheduled involving the Project Co-ordinator and selected InGAME International expertise. The purpose of this session will be to provide direct support on your identified challenge and deliver an agreed output.

This partnership support will be available as an open and ongoing call, meaning you can submit your application for consideration at any time.


Please use the links below to start your application for either the Prototyping and De-risking support (UK) or UK-China Targeted Support (UK-China).

If you have any questions prior to making an application please contact the InGAME International Project Co-ordinator Charly Harbord on:

[email protected]

Apply for Prototyping and De-risking Support

Apply for UK-China Targeted Support