InGAME X Women In Games Innovation Sprint

Deadline for Applications Passed

The application window to join the Women in Games Innovation Sprint has now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied. For more information on this or future InGAME Innovation Sprints, please contact us.

About the Innovation Sprint Process

Interested in innovating the future? InGAME is looking for superstar participants for our first Innovation Sprint in collaboration with Women in Games on August 20th and 21st. 

Our Innovation Sprints are creative, fast-paced, mission-oriented responses to strategic challenges set by Challenge Champions. These Champions come from a diversity of sectors united by one thing: a recognition of the unique innovation potential of games and play. You will work with them to imagine, design and realize proof-of-concept demonstrators that represent the first step in solving difficult problems and realising emerging opportunities in healthcare, agriculture, personal mobility, government, third sector organizations and beyond. And you’ll do all that by harnessing your creative superpowers, working in collaboration with other superstars in cross-functional teams. 

Challenge #1 – Women in Games


Our first Innovation Sprint is set by Women in Games (WiG), the leading third sector organization working towards full equality and freedom from discrimination for all women working in the game industries. 

Challenge Scope


The games sector has the lowest level of female participation of all the UK creative industries. For a decade, Women in Games has been striving to change that. The situation is improving, but slowly. To bring about faster but meaningful and lasting change, Women in Games wants to increase its reach and impact, particularly beyond London and the South East. This represents a challenge for a micro organization with limited funds and organizational capacity. This innovation sprint aims to demonstrate how a micro third sector organization might have meaningful and lasting impact at national and international scale. 

Roles & Repertoire  


InGAME Innovation Sprints are focused on imagination, innovation and impact, rather than disciplines, skills or job roles. Ideal participants are relentlessly curious, playfully unorthodox and personally resilient, with the professional mental models and core competencies needed to collaborate across disciplines with agility.

For this challenge we need:  

  • Designers with a strategic mindset and an ability to tell compelling stories 
  • Thinkers with organisational, business model or gender equality knowledge
  • Makers (i.e. industry and third sector professionals) experienced or interested in issues of gender equality in the games or wider creative/tech industries. 

Please Note: This Sprint is not just open to women. Women in Games believes in the power of good alliances and allies to effect meaningful and lasting change. 

What Do I Get? 


You get to help imagine and create the future. You get to work with other superstars to solve difficult challenges and grasp exciting opportunities. And you get to play a role in helping InGAME add scale and value to the cluster by attracting businesses and organizations, funders and investors from across the UK and beyond to work with all the talented people and companies that reside in Dundee. 

On a personal level, you’ll get to meet, collaborate and hang out with new people, get a new and exciting addition to your CV, and of course, get free lunch and refreshments. 



Innovation Sprints are exciting, rewarding but intense. They are not for everyone. Our Sprints take place across two days, both 7.5 hours long. We sprint from 08:30 to 16:00, with 30 minutes for lunch.

Code of Culture


Within our Innovation Sprints there is no hierarchy or title-based roles. There are no bosses. We all work together in service of the challenge.